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My Life In No Particular Order: Big Bang. VIP. 2NE1. Blackjack. Lydia Paek. Robyn. Block B. BBC. Zion.T. B.A.P. BABY. Bangtan. ARMY. Adele. Primary. GOT7. Frank Ocean. Kid Cudi. Kanye West. Bruno Mars. Drake. Lana Del Rey. Kendrick Lamar. Marilyn Monroe. Hello Kitty. Food. 'Murica. London. Paris. Tokyo. Seoul. Equality. Gay. Lesbian. Bi. Straight. Male. Female. Young. Old. White. Black. Asian. Hispanic. Mixed. English. Korean. Spanish. Japanese. Jesus. Tumblr. Fashion. Pandas. Stars. Planets. Galaxies. Music. Psychology. TV. James Dean. James Franco. Adventure Time. Regular Show. Gumball. Rilakkuma. iPod. iPhone. iPad. Mac. PC. Malls. Beaches. Amusement Parks. Zoos. Dreams. Goals. Aspirations. Inspirations. <3


If zion.t isn’t your everything then you need help


ordering pizza online is the best technological advancement since the internet itself


My mom say that everyone has a beautiful side. So I guess I’m a circle.